May Playlist!

May, the last month of spring and one of the most stressful months of the year for many. But getting me through this tough month…
georgiajinxx May 30, 2014

The Mortal Instruments: City of Heavenly Fire excitement!

The Mortal Instruments is an incredible book series written by Cassandra Clare and is a series i have followed for many years! However, the series…
georgiajinxx May 26, 2014
Check it out! : Welcome to Tokyo a short film by Sawyer Hartmanvid

Check it out! : Welcome to Tokyo (a short film by Sawyer Hartman)

Welcome to Tokyo is the newest short film from film maker and youtuber Sawyer Hartman. Sawyer Hartman is one of my favourite youtubers and he…
georgiajinxx May 25, 2014

Style Inspiration: Necklaces

Lately, i've been really into necklaces and layering them. I love necklaces and i think they're a really great way to bring a dull and…
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georgiajinxx May 24, 2014
Andy Black biersack - They Don't Need to Understandvid

Andy Black (biersack) - They Don't Need to Understand

Andy Biersack (lead singer of black veil brides) has been working on his solo, side project (Andy Black) and now we finally get to hear…
georgiajinxx May 21, 2014

Graduation - Friday 16th May 2014 (Be happy and live a life worth reminising)

On Friday, i finally graduated from sixth form! woo! (for those who dont know, in the UK we graduate high school at age 16 and…
georgiajinxx May 18, 2014
Lana Del Rey - West Coast Music video reviewvid

Lana Del Rey - West Coast Music video (review)

I love Lana, so it's no surprise that i love this song! its a beautiful song, with a cool vibe, that allows you to imagine…
georgiajinxx May 11, 2014
My new sunglasses! Got them from primark for 3! An absolute steal! Most of the time highstreet sunnies are the best!pic

April Favourites!!!

This is an idea i've had for a blog post for a while (which has been inspired by some of the youtubers that i have…
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georgiajinxx Apr 30, 2014

April Playlist!

Sorry i haven't posted in a while, My final deadline for all my coursework (and the end of the school year is very soon! 2…
georgiajinxx Apr 30, 2014

Just a thought: Failure

Failure. Its a word that scares us all. The word faliure has this hold over us, a fear, that stops us from doing what it…
georgiajinxx Apr 14, 2014
I wish i was like you, easily amusedpic

5 things you'll need at a weekend long festival!

With Coachella literally about to kick of this years festival season, us over in the UK are feeling rather jealous that we still have to…
georgiajinxx Apr 11, 2014
you look like you've been for breakfast at the heartbreak hotelpic

Indie/ Vintage: Inspiration

Over the past few weeks, i've been feeling really inspired and really into alot of "indie/vintage" things, from clothing and accessories, interior, books, movies, music…
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georgiajinxx Apr 09, 2014
March Playlist! bit late : sorrypic

March Playlist! (bit late :/ sorry)

Here are the jams i've been listening to throughout march! 1. The Pretty Reckless Going to hell (album) 2. Do you want to build a…
georgiajinxx Apr 02, 2014

The Pretty Reckless - Going To Hell REVIEW! (song by song)

Saturday 15th March, wake to a package sitting on the mat at my door, i hadn't ordered anything i was expected so i had a…
georgiajinxx Mar 15, 2014
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